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Frequently asked questions about the recruitment and selection process.





Q. Is there an appeals process/how do I appeal?

A: The Metropolitan Police Service has a limited appeals process for candidates who have been unsuccessful in their application for a post within the Metropolitan Police Service. Appeals will only be considered on the appeals pro-forma within 21 days following the notification of the rejection of an application, and where it appears that there may have been:

An abuse of process - defined as either an intentional act or failure to apply Service policy or the instructions published specifically for the purpose and/or
A perverse decision - defined as a decision, which has not been justified or indicates an error or inappropriate judgment/action by the personnel involved in the process.

Or the following

  • Medical appeal
  • Disability discrimination
  • Vetting reasons

Download an appeal form to complete from the related publications section.  This must be emailed to the Appeals Team via the email address in contacts box.

This must be emailed  within 21 days of receiving notification of the rejection of an application. Appeals sent after this time will not be accepted.