Borough Commander profile

 Picture of Borough Commander Andy Rowell

Chief Superintendent Andy Rowell began his police career in 1984. Within 5 years he was promoted to Sergeant and worked predominantly with the crime squad and as a CMU supervisor.

In 1992 Andy joined the TSG at Paddington Green where he undertook firearms, public order and surveillance duties.

He then joined the CID as a Detective Sgt and worked at Bow Street and West End Central as supervisor of the CIPP team before beginning work on the Murder teams at Paddington, Kensington and Barnes.

In 2001 Andy was promoted to DI with the murder command and 2 years later he rose to the rank of DCI working as head of sapphire, Community safety unit and the public protection unit. He was instrumental in setting up the early intervention strategy in domestic violence which resulted in one of the lowest levels of repeat victimisation in the MPS.

By 2006 he was promoted to Superintendent and served as Head of Operations at Ealing.

In March 2008 he returned to Westminster and was the portfolio lead for crime and criminal justice. By July 2009 he was temp promoted to Detective Chief Superintendent for Operations and Strategic Partnership. In July 2010 Andy was posted to Ealing as their Borough Commander.