Exchanging Places Events

Cycle Task Force officer educates cyclist on lorry driver’s blind spots

The Cycle Task Force also set up ‘Exchanging Places’ events to raise awareness of cycle safety.

These events allow people to sit in the driver's seat of a HGV or bus to get a better understanding of what the driver can and can’t see, especially in regards to cyclists on the nearside and directly in front of the vehicle.

Exchanging Places video

A YouTube video has been launched, which features an experienced lorry driver and a regular cyclist who exchange places and discuss their thoughts. It also offers guidance and clearly demonstrates correct cycling, driving and pedestrian behaviour to ensure safer journeys and avoid collisions.

To watch the video, see 'Related Links' in the right hand navigation.


Come along to any of the exchanging places events below. Bike marking will also be offered at the following events:

  • 23rd September 2014 - 07.30-10.30 - Wellington Arch, W1J 7JZ
  • 24th September 2014 - 7.30-9.30am - Commerical Street, Berkley Homes Development, E1 8EY
  • 30th September 2014 - 7.30-10am - One, Blackfriars Road SE1
  • 7th October 2014 - 7.30-10.30am - Marble Arch, W1K
  • 8th October 2014 - 4-7pm - Old Street, N1
  • 15th October 2014 - 7.30-9.30am - Woodberry Downs, Manor Park
  • 20th October 2014 - 7.30 - 10am - Wyvil Primary School car park junction with South Lambeth Rd
  • 22nd October 2014 - 4-7pm - Beadon Rd W6
  • 23rd October 2014 - 4.30-7pm - Fulham Road opposite junction with St Marks Grove, SW10 9UZ
  • 27th October 2014 - 7.30-10am - Wyvil Primary School car park, South Lambeth Road, SW8

For more information about Exchanging Places, please email the Cycle Task Force.