FALCON Teams - Fraud

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The Art and Antiques Unit

The Art and Antiques Unit gathers intelligence on art crime and conducts proactive operations using specialist knowledge for investigations ranging from art faking and forgery to theft and money laundering.

The Fraud Squad

The Fraud Squads are responsible for combating serious and complex fraud and corruption within the public and private sectors. The teams work together with public sector partners including local councils, TfL and Immigration Services to protect London from financial crime.

Project Genesius / Amberhill

Project Genesius is a partnership between the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and the Printing Industry, designed to reduce the access of criminals to the equipment and supplies they require to produce false identity documents. For more information please visit the dedicated Project Genesius website. Amberhill is the proactive prevention strategy of the MPS responsible for false identity data identifying opportunities to disrupt criminals, including the disruption of false ID factories. Amberhill processes this data into an acceptable format and shares it with partners in the Public and Private Sectors.

Operation Sterling

Operation Sterling is the MPS strategy for combating economic crime in London, has made significant inroads into preventing economic crime, which costs the UK economy billions of pounds a year. It has done this through establishing partnership developments with public and private industry such as Companies House, eBay and Western Union. It also remains at the forefront in the fight against the growing threat of identity theft.