Frequently Asked Questions

Photo of a female police officer answering questions about Met Trace from a female member of the public

You will undoubtedly have further questions about the MetTrace, SmartWater and how to mark your property.

View this section to find additional information, including the answers to questions we have been asked by others.


The MetTrace Initiative

What is MetTrace?

Are there any hidden costs?

How does SmartWater deter burglars?

Why do I need to put the stickers in my doors/windows?

How do I get a SmartWater kit if I'm not part of the MetTrace rollout?

Can I buy SmartWater deterrent window/door stickers even though I don't have a SmartWater kit?

Using SmartWater

How does the SmartWater technology work?

What property can I mark?

Is SmartWater safe to use?

What happens if SmartWater gets on my skin?

What happens if I swallow it?

Is SmartWater easy to apply?

If I run out of SmartWater solution, can I get another bottle?

Can I apply SmartWater to items used and stored outdoors?

Once I have marked an item, how long will the SmartWater remain on it?

Personal details and changes in circumstances

Why do I need to provide my personal details?

Where are my details stored?

How can I update my personal details?

Will I be charged if I need to update my details?

What do I need to do if I move house?

If I move will I be able to get more deterrent stickers for my new address?

How do I opt out of further communications?

Can I register my bottle of SmartWater to more than one address?

If I buy a new SmartWater pack with a different unique forensic code, will I have to register again?

I already have a MetTrace SmartWater pack. Can I buy extra window/door stickers?

I already have a MetTrace SmartWater pack but I have replaced my windows and/or doors. Can I have more door/window stickers?

The police and my property

What should I do if I do get burgled?

How do the police trace my property?

What happens if I sell an item that I have marked with SmartWater?

What would happen if police officers carry out a search warrant at my house, would you seize the items I have marked believing them to be stolen?

Do I need to let the police or SmartWater know which items of my property I have marked?

How can my property be traced back to me?