London Stolen Arts database

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The London Stolen Arts Database (LSAD) currently stores details and images of 57,000 items of stolen property.

The database includes the following categories:

Paintings, furniture, books, maps, manuscripts, carpets, rugs, clocks, watches, coins, medals, glass, ivory, jade, musical instruments, postage stamps, pottery, porcelain, silver, gold textiles and toys and games.

You can request a search of the database to establish whether an item has been registered as stolen. A certificate can be issued proving that a check has taken place as part of the ‘due diligence’ process.

It is recommended that owners document their art pieces - we attach an Object ID form which may be of assistance.  Photographs are of vital importance in identifying and recovering stolen objects. In addition to overall views, take close-ups of inscriptions, markings, and any damage or repairs. If possible,
include a scale or object of known size in the image.

Searches of the database can be conducted by contacting the Art and Antiques Unit in writing or by e-mail - see the Contact Us section. Our telephone details are also included.