National Coordination

Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison

During Games time each force with Olympic and Paralympic events will run its own policing operation, with its own local command structure.

Due to the length, complexity and geographical spread of the Games, a new and additional level of national coordination has already been put in place to ensure consistency across the planning and delivery of all the local operations.

This is being led by Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison in his role as the National Olympic Security Coordinator (NOSC).

In his role as NOSC, AC Allison is working closely with the local Gold commanders to make sure that the delivery of the many safety and security operations is similar no matter where they are in the country and that the sport is not overshadowed.

During Games time the NOSC will be the single informed voice on how the safety and security operation is running across the country, linking into key partners including Government. To support AC Allison in his role as NOSC a new multi-agency coordination centre has been established at New Scotland Yard - the National Olympic Coordination Centre (NOCC). The NOCC can operate at a variety of security levels and consists of two main rooms and three conference rooms.

The NOCC will have up to 84 people working in there at peak times in 2012, representing over 20 police departments and external organisations. Those organisations range from Emergency Service colleagues in Fire and Ambulance, UKBA, Ministry of Defence and a team to represent the twelve Police Golds running their operations in the venue forces.

All of the organisations represented in the NOCC will bring their information about their part of the operation so it can all be fitted together to provide a complete national picture of the safety and security operation.

Did you know?

The NOCC has 124 telephones; 3 video conference facilities; 84 desks and 14 big screens; and over seven separate specialist IT systems.

It is based at New Scotland Yard.

It will be operational from the start of the Olympic Torch Relay, and open 24 hours a day from 18 July.