Police staff

The work of the MPS isn’t simply about uniformed officers serving on the front line. Just as important is the 14,000-strong team of professional and support staff working behind the scenes to provide the organisational capability required to police London.

If you’re interested in working for the MPS but don't see yourself in a uniform, then a police staff role could be ideal for you - particularly if you have specialist skills or experience to offer.

Hugely valuable contribution

Such work shouldn’t be seen as simply 'supporting' the more public elements of the MPS. Our professional and support staff are a fully integrated and essential part of the organisation. They make vital contributions at every level of every single department. In short, we just wouldn't exist without them.

A rewarding experience – in every way

Join the police staff team at the MPS and you’ll receive an excellent standard of training and rewards, together with access to a range of career development opportunities. Plus, of course, the real satisfaction that comes from knowing that what you do each day makes a positive difference to the community.

The different roles

Think of the Met and you probably think of uniformed police officers working on the frontline.

Naturally, those officers are a hugely important part of what we do – but there’s actually a whole lot more to us than that.

As one of London’s largest employers, we rely on the support of a whole host of other people working away behind the scenes every day.

From Accountancy to Administration, Finance to Forensics, HR to IT and Occupational Health to Operational Support, every single one of them contributes to our goal of making London one of the world’s safest cities.

There are literally hundreds of different roles here, from entry level to senior management – and there’s every chance that one of them will be just what you’ve been looking for.

For details of roles available at the moment, refer to our list of current police staff vacancies.