Penalty notices

Police car in Hyde Park

Police have the power to issue Penalty Notices for the following offences under The Royal Parks and Open Spaces Regulations 1997. 

  • Regulation 3[3] - dropping or leaving litter or refuse
  • Regulation 3[4] - unauthorised cycling
  • Regulation 3[6] - dog fouling

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The Order includes the following Royal Parks and open spaces:

  • St James's Park
  • Green Park
  • Hyde Park
  • Kensington Gardens
  • Richmond Park
  • The Regent's Park
  • Primrose Hill
  • Bushy Park
  • Greenwich Park
  • Brompton Cemetary
  • Parliament Square
  • Tower Gardens
  • Victoria Tower Gardens

A £60 penalty notice may be issued where a Police officer has reason to believe that a person has committed any of these three offences whilst inside The Royal Parks.

Once issued with a PND, the recipient has 21 days to either pay the penalty or request a court hearing. Should the recipient fail to comply with the 21 day period, a penalty amount of £75 is automatically registered against them by the magistrates' court.