Taser in the MPS

Borough map

All 32 London boroughs now have a group of officers on their borough who are trained in the use of Taser. Every use of Taser is reported and scrutinised and officers are individually accountable under the law for the level of force they use.

Which MPS officers have Tasers?

Taser was initially issued to officers from SCO19 (Firearms Command) as a less lethal option in 2004. Just over 2000 officers from the Met’s Firearms commands are trained and equipped to use Taser.

As part of a national government pilot in 2007 Taser was issued to officers from the Territorial Support Group, a specialist unit, trained to the highest level in public order and who respond to violent incidents. There are currently over 400 officers from the Territorial Support Group trained in the use of Taser.

In 2012 the Commissioner instigated a programme to provide a Taser response on every London borough. Around forty officers from each borough have been trained in the use of Taser. The initial training is now complete. Taser trained officers are deployed in pairs in two cars on each borough, that’s a maximum of 4 officers per 8 hour shift over a 24 hour period.