Training and Development

PCSO helping a member of the public

As a PCSO, your training is among the most important tools you have at your disposal. It’s what enables you to deal calmly with whatever challenges arise each day and to serve your community with confidence.

Initial training

On appointment as a PCSO, you’ll begin with six weeks and two days of classroom-based training. This will introduce you to the MPS and to your new role, as well as helping you build skills and knowledge in areas such as:

  • Radio procedure
  • Report writing
  • Dealing with evidence
  • Gathering intelligence
  • Managing a crime scene
  • Entering premises
  • Use of force
  • Communication
  • Human rights
  • Race & diversity
  • Road checks
  • Stop and search
  • Health, safety & welfare
  • Officer safety
  • Emergency life support

Throughout the course, you’ll be tested on what you’ve learned. The results of these tests will be used – together with your overall performance during the course – to identify any areas requiring further development.

Further training

Once you’ve completed your initial training, you’ll be posted to an Operational Command Unit in one of London's 32 boroughs. Here you’ll receive further training, tailored to the requirements of your specific role and borough.


Your first year as a PCSO will be a probationary period. Think of it as your opportunity to demonstrate how well you’ve taken your training on board and developed the capacity to meet the requirements of your post.