What we do

Person using computer


Our mission:

To reduce the harm caused by fraud and cyber criminals in London.



We will:

  • Ensure all Action Fraud (AF) referrals to the MPS are effectively responded to by dedicated fraud / cyber investigators
  • Provide excellent victim care and seek compensation for our victims wherever possible
  • Significantly increase the numbers of arrests and charges relating to fraud and cyber crime
  • Proactively target cyber criminals and fraudsters, focusing on stemming the harm caused by the most prolific Organised Crime Groups
  • Work in partnership with businesses to improve our response to fraud and cyber crime affecting London's businesses
  • Undertake targeted prevention work with industry partners that designs out crime, tackles the enablers of cyber crime & fraud and raises awareness within the public and businesses

The FALCON team consists of the following specialist units:

  • Fraud Squad
  • FALCON Crime Prevention & Problem Solving Teams (incorporating Op Sterling, Amberhill, the Arts & Antiques Unit and Gaming Unit)
  • Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit
  • FALCON Volume Crime hubs - local teams investigating acquisitive cyber crime and fraud across London
  • FALCON Task force - supporting proactive operations against cyber criminals and fraudsters

Our efforts are focused on acquisitive crime, and we will not routinely deal with cyber-bullying or harassment.

To report a fraud or cyber crime please see the related link on this page