Who's Who: The Command Team

Officers at Notting Hill Carnival

The police, like other emergency services, use a Gold - Silver - Bronze command structure for policing major events such as the Royal Wedding or Notting Hill Carnival, as well as other events such as football matches or demonstrations. The roles are not rank-specific but are put in place to establish a chain of command.

Based on this structure, a command team has been established within the Met for the Olympic and Paralympic Games policing operation in London. Due to the scale and complexity of the Games, new roles have also been established to coordinate the national safety and security operation for the Games across the UK. 

  • NOSC - Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison is the National Olympic Security Coordinator. His role is to oversee and coordinate the multi-agency safety and security operation for the Games across the UK, and provide national guidance or assistance where necessary. This is not a command and control role - each agency and venue force police commander will retain their operational lead.

    During the Games the NOSC will be based at the National Olympic Coordination Centre at New Scotland Yard.
  • ACSO - MPS Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick will oversee all national counter-terrorism and domestic extremism policing during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in support of AC Allison.

    AC Dick will also continue to be the national lead for VIP protection as well as providing advice on protective security to other forces in the UK.

    During the Games she will hold the title of National Director Counter Terrorist Policing.

    This role involves working very closely with the National Olympic Security Coordinator.
  • Gold - Commander Bob Broadhurst is the Gold Commander in charge of the policing operation in London. Bob sets the overall policing strategy and is responsible for delivering the whole operation in London. During the Games he will be based at the Met’s Special Operations Room (SOR) where he will also feed in to the National Olympic Coordination Centre to ensure that the NOSC has an overview of the safety and security operation across the UK.
  • Silver - Commander Mick Johnson is the Silver Commander, responsible for deciding which tactics can best deliver the strategy set by the Gold Commander and passing that on to the Bronze Commanders.

    In order to ensure there is resilience for the 64 day long policing operation, Mick will be supported by a “Shadow” Silver, Chief Superintendent Peter Terry.
  • Bronzes - The Gold and Silver police commanders are supported by a number of Bronze commanders who are responsible for the operational deployment of resources within their particular sector or function of responsibility during Games time. They will feed in to the Gold and Silver Commanders based at the Met’s Command Centre.

    Venues bronzes will be based at the venue working alongside LOCOG’s venue general managers and the venue security managers to make sure there is a joined up approach to policing and venue security.

    Due to the size of the Games, the Bronze commanders will be supported by sub bronze commanders who look after each venue or function within the larger sector. Below are some of the key Bronze Commanders for the London operation:
  • Park Zone - the Bronze commander for the Park Zone is Chief Superintendent Andy McKechnie. This zone includes all the venues within the Olympic Park and the surrounding area.
  • River Zone - The Bronze commander for the River Zone is Chief Superintendent Mike Wise. Venues in this zone are situated along the River Thames, including the ExCeL Centre, the North Greenwich Arena, Greenwich Park and the Royal Artillery Barracks.
  • Central Zone - Chief Superintendent Adrian Roberts is the Bronze commander for the Central Zone, consisting of Wimbledon, Wembley Arena and Wembley Stadium, Earls Court, Hyde Park, Horse Guards Parade and Lord’s cricket ground. In addition, Adrian will also be overseeing some non-sporting venues including the Olympic Family hotels and Live Sites.
  • Road Events - Chief Superintendent Julia Pendry is overseeing the detailed planning arrangements of the road events in London. This includes working closely with Surrey Police to make sure there is a consistent and joined up approach to the cycle race taking place in London and Surrey; the Marathon and the Race Walk.
  • Pan London - Superintendent Ian Chappell is the Bronze Commander for Pan London. He will be looking after flexible resources that can be deployed quickly in response to issues that may arise across London. Based on the daily intelligence briefings Bronze Pan London can also proactively deploy his resources to ensure the right policing presence is in place.
  • Parallel Events - Chief Superintendent Steve Wisbey will be leading the policing arrangements for the parallel events - the non-LOCOG events taking place in London during Games time. This includes the celebratory and cultural events.
  • Torch - Chief Superintendent Claire Johnston is leading the Met’s Torch Security Team, who will protect the torch and torchbearer during the Olympic Flame’s 70 day journey around the UK and during the Paralympic Torch Relay. She will work closely with forces up and down the country who are responsible for the local policing operations, and feeding into the command centre in London.
  • Torch in London - Superintendent Elaine Van-Orden will be responsible for the policing the Torch route and events during its 7 day journey in London.