Bumblebee - Preventing burglary

Burglary prevention poster

‘Help us to help you from becoming a burglary victim’ is the message from the Metropolitan Police Service as part of the launch of Operation Bumblebee, a campaign that seeks to stop people from becoming a target for burglars.

The campaign, which runs from October 15th, is timed to coincide with autumn drawing in and the clocks going back. During this period burglary usually increases, as homes remain in darkness for longer and become easier targets - especially if it looks like no one is home. To help prevent this, we’re asking people to take some key but straight forward measures to make their home less eye-catching to thieves.

This pan-London campaign sees radio adverts and posters on the underground, as well as adverts in local press and direct mail in six priority boroughs. It gives simple burglary prevention advice and encourages people to visit our website for more details and to find out how the Met is dealing with this issue.

There are three poster executions with reminders to lock doors and windows and keep valuables out of sight and away from the letterbox and we’re using QR codes on this campaign, which, aimed at a younger audience, will allow people to receive burglary prevention measures via their mobile devices.

Two radio adverts will air across London on Capital London, Magic 105.4, Choice FM London, Sunrise Radio and Kiss FM. The 40 second ads are designed to make people think about what they can do to keep burglars away. The press ads and direct mail are specifically aimed at six priority boroughs, Brent, Ealing, Barnet, Croydon, Enfield, Haringey where burglary is a priority. The direct mail flyers give top ten tips residents can follow to better secure their homes.

To see our top tips on how to make your home as secure as possible visit our burglary prevention section or contact your local Safer Neighbourhoods team.