Letting you know what local police are doing in your area

Responding to your local crime concerns

The Metropolitan Police Service has launched a pilot advertising campaign designed to let local people know what police are doing in their area.

The campaign, which uses outdoor poster advertising sites at bus stops and phone boxes for example, will be trialled in three boroughs - Islington, Lewisham and Havering.

It aims to communicate actions local police have taken to cut crime or help solve problems locally, using a mixture of borough wide, ward wide and street level messages. Borough wide messages will appear across the borough, ward wide across the ward, street level messages on or near the street concerned.

Evidence tells us that giving people very local information about police action in their area may increase the confidence they have in police. These boroughs were chosen as places where confidence in policing is lower than average.

The campaign will be independently evaluated and, if shown to be successful, will be rolled out more widely across London.