Street Robbery 2013

Mobile phone underground posterr. "I see easy cash, so I run up to him and grab it from his hand!"

The Metropolitan Police Service has launched a new awareness campaign to urge people to take care of valuable items such as smart phones, tablets and jewellery.

The campaign warns people that to a criminal their valuables mean instant cash and is seen from a thief’s point of view. Timed to follow the Christmas period, when people take expensive gifts out with them, it will remind people that taking simple precautions can help them avoid becoming a victim of crime.

This pan-London campaign sees poster, radio and online advertising. There are two poster executions each showing a different target for a thief - a mobile phone, a gold necklace and a tablet. As well as forming the basis for the online campaign, these posters will appear on the underground, and on phone box doors in seven priority boroughs: Westminster, Southwark, Lambeth, Newham and Croydon, Camden and Islington.

Three 40 second radio adverts, designed to make people think about when and where they display valuable items, will also air across London on Capital London, Magic 105.4, Choice FM London, XFM London, Sunrise Radio and Kiss FM.

The MPS know that being robbed can be a very distressing experience. We are determined to prevent it and catch those responsible, through gathering intelligence, mounting proactive operations and stepping up patrols in affected areas.

To see our top tips on how to avoid being a victim of street robbery see our crime prevention section, link on the right, or contact your local Safer Neighbourhoods team.