Theft snatch campaign

Beware of phone snatchers #Loveyourphone

The Metropolitan Police Service has launched a campaign in Camden and Islington to raise awareness of criminals using mopeds and bicycles to snatch phones from victims on the street.

Starting on 6th June for four weeks, the campaign aims to make the public think about how they use their phone in areas where they may be most at risk, and provides some simple tips to help protect their property. It will see ads in underground tube stations and messaging on the streets, supported by police providing advice and engaging with the public around the hotspot stations and targeted social media. This is in addition to ongoing activity by police to target the offenders involved.

The campaign is also being used as a trial in an ongoing research project with Cardiff University to examine the impact and effectiveness of crime prevention messaging.

The trial will see concurrent campaigns with different approaches to crime prevention messaging and measure their impacts. One area will use a traditional police approach to crime prevention messaging in our campaign; the second area will use new messaging based on Cardiff University’s findings to date, based on humour and bisociation through the use of an animated cat device. Both sites will be compared with a third area where no marketing activity will be taking place during the campaign.

The results will be used to influence the MPS approach to crime prevention messaging in the future.

To find out more on what you can do to keep your property safe, click the link on the right hand side.