A man from Colindale has been jailed and issued with Barnet's first Criminal Behaviour Order.

25 January 2016

Daniel, Howard, Colindale, Barnet, ASB, convicted, CBO

A man from Colindale has been jailed and issued with Barnet's first Criminal Behaviour Order.

On Monday, 11 January, at Hendon Magistrates' Court, Daniel Howard, 21, of Acklington Drive, Colindale, was sentenced to a total of six months' imprisonment for: five counts of possession of a dangerous dog; four counts of causing unnecessary suffering to a dog; two counts of not ensuring the welfare of a dog; two counts of owning a dog dangerously out of control; threatening words and behaviour; two counts of driving whilst disqualified, and resisting a police constable in the execution of duty.

"Police in Barnet.... are committed to tackling ASB wherever it appears."

He was given a life time ban from owning any animal. He was also ordered to pay £3,600 in costs and a victim surcharge of £80.

Howard was also issued with a five-year Criminal Behaviour Order on conviction with conditions excluding him from the Grahame Park Estate in Colindale, except on stipulated routes, and associating with named individuals.

For a period of many years, Howard caused and incited anti-social behaviour with others on the Grahame Park Estate. This involved riding and driving motor vehicles to the annoyance of local residents in an anti social manner whilst disqualified from driving.

He created a fear towards local residents by a long and sustained ownership of illegal dogs.

He has also bred from a variety of dogs, selling numerous puppies for profit with complete disregard for the welfare of dogs.

Police executed a warrant, issued by Hendon Magistrates' Court, under the Dangerous Dogs Act on 14 May 2015 at his home address.

Barnet Chief Inspector for Neighbourhood Policing, Dave Lobb, said: "This is an excellent result for the people of Barnet and in particular the residents in the Colindale area. This individual terrorised residents with his activities and dogs; continuing to flout the law after police became involved, as he believed he was above sanction.

"The local ward officers of Colindale remained committed that justice would prevail. They worked with our Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Unit to secure not only a conviction, including a banning order removing his ability to keep any animals, but, perhaps more importantly, obtaining the borough's first Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO). This is a five year order that restricts his movements and activity in the area together with a power for police to enforce if conditions are breached. Together, these measures provide real long term relief for the residents.

"Police in Barnet and the Safer Communities partnership within Barnet are committed to tackling ASB wherever it appears. ASB wrecks lives and perpetrators should be in no doubt that we are prepared to take action and use whatever legislation is available, such as CBOs, to bring it to an end.

"ASB, by its very nature, often does not have a quick fix and that is why each ward has dedicated officers to get involved and spend the time necessary in finding lasting solutions. They are supported within neighbourhood policing with officers that specialise in ASB problem solving, youth violence and licensing. These officers mirror similar teams within the local council, ensuring joined up working that leads to real success for residents."