DPS/IPCC investigation re Enfield officers

02 November 2011

New Scotland Yard

An overly aggressive approach to stopping a suspect with unauthorised equipment has resulted in an Enfield officer being reduced in rank from Detective Sergeant to Detective Constable.

Five other officers, all Police Constables, have been formally reprimanded after allegations of discreditable conduct were found proven against them.

The MPS misconduct hearing heard evidence about an incident on 3 June 2008 when all six officers conducted a stop on a suspect stolen car driven by a man in Meridian Way, Edmonton, resulting in his arrest.

The misconduct panel found that the Detective Sergeant failed to properly supervise five officers by allowing them to use baseball bats and a pick axe handle to carry out the stop and detain the driver, instead of using approved MPS methods and equipment.

The five other officers were found to have used more force than was reasonable or necessary to affect the stop by using a non issue baseball bat, hitting the rear offside window causing it to smash.

The misconduct hearing follows an IPCC managed investigation.

Commander Peter Spindler, of the Directorate of Professional Standards, said: "The behaviour displayed by the six officers that day was unacceptable and as such the Board has rightly sanctioned them for it.

"The officers abused their position of trust and authority and by doing so breached the high professional standards expected by the public and the vast majority of outstanding MPS officers and staff who carry out their service to the public with professionalism and integrity.

"Any allegations of behaviour that is contrary to the police regulations will be thoroughly investigated and if appropriate officers will be put before a misconduct hearing to answer for their actions."

Background to the case:

In May 2008, the MPS Directorate of Professional Standards [DPS] began an investigation into the alleged handling of property by officers based within Enfield. Further allegations of a serious nature came to light during the course of the subsequent investigation.

The DPS referred the allegations to the IPCC who decided to independently investigate one, two were managed and all other matters were supervised.

In total, sixteen officers and one member of police staff have been subject to investigation by the Directorate of Professional Standards and the IPCC in connection with the alleged actions of a small number of officers from Enfield. The MPS passed files to the CPS relating to 15 officers.

On 22 December 2010, the CPS decided there was insufficient evidence to charge any officers following investigations by the DPS and the IPCC.

As a result, the DPS began to progress misconduct proceedings.

On 26 April 2011 six Enfield officers, were served misconduct allegations in relation to an incident on 3 June 2008, when they conducted an interception on a suspect stolen vehicle being driven by a man on Meridian Way in Edmonton resulting in his arrest.

The officers' misconduct hearing commenced in the summer but was suspended due to the Chair being taken ill. All six officers face allegations of discreditable conduct. They were dealt with as above.

Consideration of whether there will be any further misconduct proceedings in relation to other matters continues and therefore it would be inappropriate to discuss further at this time.

Currently seven officers remain suspended and three officers are on restricted duties.