Licensing operation

29 December 2015

Metropolitan Police Service

Barnet licensing team have carried inspections on a number of premises to check they are adhering to their licensing conditions.

On Friday, 18 December, Barnet Licensing Team working in partnership with Immigration Compliance and Enforcement officers carried out inspections on six licence premises on the borough.

"Barnet Police, Barnet Council and the Borders Force have an excellent working arrangement"

During the evening eight employees were detained for working in breach or their visa or without a visa and will now be dealt with by immigration officers.

One off-licence in Barnet sold alcohol to officers outside their licensing hours. The licensing team are now working with the owner of the store to review the licence and work on an action plan.

Chief Inspector Dave Lobb, Neighbourhood Policing said: "Barnet Police, Barnet Council and the Borders Force have an excellent working arrangement and are regularly out amongst businesses, ensuring compliance with legislation around all things licensing.

"This includes sales of goods, temporary events as well as pubs and clubs and Friday's operation is a great example of services being proactive on behalf of Barnet residents. This work is important to ensure protection for workers, protection for our children and contributing to the reduction in anti social behaviour. We're working together to improve the lives of everyone who lives, works and visits Barnet."