MPS report into summer disorder

14 March 2012

4 Days in August. The Metropolitan Police Service Strategic Review in the Disorder of 2011.

The Metropolitan Police Service’s report into the summer disorder, “4 Days In August”, is released today (14 March) following a comprehensive internal review.

This report is the MPS assessment of our actions, our key findings and what work we have undertaken and continue to take forward. This is the final report, having previously published the interim report in October 2011 where we highlighted several areas that improvements needed to be made.

"Having faced unprecedented challenges we are determined to do all we can to improve."

Despite many thousands of officers putting themselves in the line of fire and working almost around the clock to try to protect London, we were not able to contain the disorder until the fourth day. The MPS engagement, intelligence and operational response plans were not sufficient to prevent or respond to the unprecedented scale and speed of the unfolding disorder in the summer.

The MPS has sought to take as comprehensive a view as possible in compiling this report to provide an accurate reflection of events and lessons to be learnt.

Whilst this is the final report of this review, extensive work continues within the MPS in order to take the recommendations forward.

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said: “Having faced unprecedented challenges we are determined to do all we can to improve. Within the pages of this report are a number of areas the Met can do better. The purpose of the review was to identify these and to act upon them - which we are already doing.

“What I hope isn’t lost amongst the public’s reading of our detailed analysis is the extreme situation and the individual acts of heroism that took place across London. The summer was without precedent and as a result stretched the MPS beyond all anticipated capability. However I accept this will be of little comfort for those who were victim to the violence, looting and arson.

“I want to do everything possible to help prevent the MPS, and more importantly Londoners, from being in that position again. These recommendations, and the host of changes we have already made, such as Haringey borough having an additional 50 officers and improvements to our mobilisation procedures, will help us to do this.”