Moped rider jailed

18 November 2015

A moped rider who recorded himself pulling dangerous wheelies and posting it on social media has been jailed.

Jamie Simmonds, 21 of Normandy Drive, Hayes appeared at Isleworth Crown Court on Friday, 13 November where he was sentenced to six months in jail for six counts of dangerous driving.

"We don't need to stop you at the time for justice to be served"

He has also been disqualified from driving for two years and his moped has been seized for destruction.

Simmonds pleaded guilty to all charges at an earlier hearing at the same court.

The court heard how on Friday, 22 May officers were parked on Long Lane, Hillingdon in an unmarked car when they saw a moped with no number plates and a camera mounted on the rider's helmet.

As the moped went passed them, the rider performed a wheelie for approximately 300 metres.

The officers activated their blue lights and attempted to stop the moped rider; however he rode off at speed and jumped a red traffic light onto a dual carriageway, causing other motorists to swerve in order to avoid colliding with him.

Due to the nature of his riding, the officers stopped their pursuit and he managed to evade capture.

Officers from Hillingdon Partnership Tasking Team launched an investigation and identified Simmonds as the rider based on the description they had of the moped they saw that day.

They also identified a number of social media accounts which he was using to post images and videos of himself performing dangerous wheelies around the Hayes, West Drayton, Uxbridge and Harefield areas.

In a number of these images and videos, Simmonds was seen wearing a distinctive sweatshirt with the phrase "CAN'T CATCH ME".

On Thursday, 25 June officers carried out a search warrant at Simmonds home address where they found the moped in a garden shed, as well as the distinctive sweatshirt and the helmet camera.

After viewing the camera, a number of videos of Simmonds riding dangerously including one of him deliberately driving dangerously in front of marked police vehicles to try and provoke a pursuit were found.

Following the police investigation, Simmonds was charged with six counts of dangerous driving in addition to using a vehicle with no insurance, driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence, driving without a valid MOT test certificate and driving without a registration mark correctly displayed.

Sergeant Liam Moore from Hillingdon Borough Police, said: "Footage from Simmonds own camera showed him putting other road users and pedestrians in danger and this helped convict him of dangerous driving.

"He did not think he would be caught as he did not display a number plate but he was far from correct. He will now spend his Christmas in prison whilst his moped will be crushed.

"I hope this sentence is a deterrent to others who consider riding dangerously and a reminder that we don't need to stop you at the time for justice to be served."