Officers found not guilty. Misconduct proceedings considered.

30 November 2012

New Scotland Yard

An internal conduct matter was brought to the attention of senior management on 19 March 2012 concerning PC David Hair and PC Kevin Hughes.

Following careful consideration the matter was voluntarily referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) who conducted an independent investigation.

"The Commissioner has made it quite clear that racism is not acceptable within the Met..."

The officers were subsequently summonsed for racially aggravated offences under Section 5 of the Public Order Act.

Both were found not guilty at Westminster Magistrates Court on Thursday 29th November.

The officers are uniformed officers who were working within a tasking team in Newham at the time of the alleged incidents. The officers were suspended following the allegations.

Cmdr Allan Gibson, MPS, Directorate of Professional Standards said:

"As soon as the actions of these officers were brought to the attention of the Directorate of Professional Standards the matter was taken seriously and following careful consideration referred to the IPCC.

"The Commissioner has made it quite clear that racism is not acceptable within the Met, this is a view supported by the majority of officers and staff.

"Now that criminal proceedings are complete, and it should be noted they have been found not guilty of any criminal offences, we will now consider misconduct proceedings."

A third officer, an acting Sergeant in charge of the officers, has been the subject of management action.