Officers receive Royal Humane Society awards

27 January 2016

Police Constable Bradley Buckingham, and Police Sergeant Jonathan Clay-Michael

Police Constable Bradley Buckingham, and Police Sergeant Jonathan Clay-Michael from the Roads and Transport Policing Command have been presented with a Royal Humane Society Resuscitation Certificate by Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey in front of Chief Superintendent Paul Rickett and others at a ceremony held at New Scotland Yard on Monday, 25 January.

Late in the evening of Wednesday, 6 August 2014 a man pulled up his car behind two vehicles at a red traffic light at The Burroughs junction with the A41 Watford Way, NW4. When the lights changed to green the man failed to drive off and other drivers began to sound their horns. After getting no reaction the drivers present approached the car and found the man collapsed at the wheel. They pulled him from the car and placed him on the roadway; he was unresponsive.

At that time a team of police officers were at the location carrying out some tests and were alerted to the incident. Sergeant Clay-Michael and Constable Buckingham went to assist. Constable Buckingham carried out a primary examination whilst Sergeant Clay-Michael made enquiries as to whether an ambulance had been called and obtained a face mask.

Constable Buckingham immediately administered CPR. He was joined by Sergeant Clay-Michael who continued to give rescue breaths while PC Buckingham performed chest compressions.

After some time the man began gasping for air and was placed in the recovery position however he almost immediately stopped breathing again. The officers placed him on his back and resumed CPR. The man stopped breathing a further four or five times at which the officers decided not to place him in the recovery position but to continue CPR and monitor him while on his back.

After the officers had been attending to the man for some 25 - 30 minutes the ambulance arrived on scene. The officers continued to administer CPR whilst the paramedics set up their equipment. The crew were able to incubate and ventilate the man as well as treating him with injections, an IV drip, and three or four defibrillator shocks.

The man’s heart and blood pressure soon steadied was transported to the Royal Free Hospital where he was treated in the Intensive Care Unit (by coincidence his wife was also in the ICU having given birth to premature twins five weeks earlier).

There is no doubt that the early CPR administered by the officers played a major role in the man’s recovery.

Bradley Buckingham said: “It all happened so quickly, from being told a man had collapsed in his vehicle to actually performing CPR was literally a matter of moments. I continued CPR for about 15 minutes even once the ambulance service had arrived as it allowed them to set up their kit. One thing was for sure I wasn't going to give up.

I am proud and humbled to receive this certificate for that day’s event as I know any one of my colleagues would have done the same thing as me. But what gives me a greater sense of pride is the knowing that the male lives on with his wife and two babies”.

Jono Michael-Clay said “I am delighted that the man survived unharmed and that we were so well trained by our Emergency Life Saving instructors. We are honored to receive this recognition