Olympic Torch Relay

14 May 2012

Olympic Flame

As Cornwall prepares to welcome the Olympic Flame for the start of the Olympic Torch Relay the Police Service is putting the final touches to its own marathon operation.

Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison, National Olympic Security Coordinator, said: "The meticulous planning that the event organisers - LOCOG - have put into organising this 70 day spectacle is amazing. They have been working closely with a number of partners and agencies across the country including the police service. At the hearts of this event are 8,000 inspirational people who will have the chance of a lifetime to carry the Olympic Flame and we are there to support them during that time.
"This is a truly unique event, and we, the police service, have also spent months planning. The Torch will travel to within one hour of 95% of the country, on a daily basis passing between counties. We have put in place a policing structure that supports the movement of the Torch, rather than respects traditional police force boundaries."

Across the country police forces have been working closely with their local partners as part of this complex planning process. Local forces will be responsible for delivering the broader security operation which the convoy and Relay passes through. 

The Metropolitan Police Service will provide a Torch Security Team, who for the duration of the relay will be responsible for the safety, security and integrity of the Olympic Flame and the Torchbearer who has the Flame in their possession. 

AC Allison, concluded: "I hope that the whole country comes alive and joins in the celebration as the Flame takes its journey around the country. The Police Service will be there to help ensure people can do that safely and securely."