Sutton News Police cordon off mystery eggs

25 October 2011

PCSO Rob Sidebottom with the mysterious 'eggs' and pupils

Police from Belmont Safer Neighbourhoods Team were hard pressed to answer a barrage of searching questions from Year 4 pupils at The Avenue Primary School, Belmont, about three mysterious giant eggs which had appeared out of the blue in their playground. The children were told the school caretaker Steve Parker, was awoken during the early hours of Friday 21st October to a strange ‘whirring’ noise. With his eight-year-old dog Noddy, he went to investigate and found the eggs on a nest of long grass in the corner of the Year 3-4 playground. He discovered that one of the football size eggs had cracked open and was omitting a green slime. The incident was reported to police and officers cordoned off the area. PCSO Rob Sidebottom, of Belmont Safer Neighbourhoods Team, explained to pupils in the school hall that morning that the eggs had appeared during the night and that there was no logical explanation for them being there.

The children had no need to worry, as Belmont SNT and the school arranged to use the incident as a creative writing project for the pupils. After asking all their questions the pupils had to write a news story about what had happened based on all the information they had gathered from their teachers, their caretaker and PCSO Sidebottom.

"I did get one or two children coming up to me asking whether it was a set up!”

Ana Vaz, Year 4 Leader and Literacy Co-ordinator at the school, said: “We want the children to have fun in their writing. It’s not just about being in the classroom, it’s also about being pro-active and getting them to think about research and asking the right questions so they get the information they need for their work.”

PCSO Sidebottom said he was impressed by the quality of the questions. “However, I did get one or two children coming up to me asking whether it was a set up!”