Safer Neighbourhoods team achieve Neighbourhood Watch member in every street

14 January 2013

PCSO Sarah Lowe in Welbeck Road - where the latest NHW member was recruited in Wandle Valley ward

Officers from Wandle Valley Safer Neighbourhoods team this week achieved what could be a first within the Metropolitan Police Service - a Neighbourhood Watch member in every street on their ward.

Wandle Valley now has around 120 members for the 85 residential roads in their ward. Every street has at least one member whilst some have up to four.

"I hope it will make a significant difference and may make criminals think twice"

PCSO Sarah Lowe, who has done much of the recruitment legwork, said it’s the result of being out and about, knocking on doors and chatting to residents and victims of crime about discouraging criminals and making communities safer.

“I want to try and build on this and reduce crime as much as possible by making the public aware of a scheme in which local people look out for one another and share information with us and each other.

“I hope it will make a significant difference and may make criminals think twice before they target our roads knowing that local residents will be keeping an eye out for any suspicious behaviour and reporting it immediately to police on 999.

“I believe the more people that join, the safer the streets will be,” said PCSO Lowe.

Members in the ward vary from young parents to pensioners. Some are keen to play a visible role in the community whilst others want to have a lower profile - but continue to share information.

Neighbourhood Watch Ward Co-ordinator Lesley Peterson, said: “As a long standing member and supporter of Neighbourhood Watch, I was delighted PCSO Lowe wanted to help build our membership in Wandle Valley. I hope our new members will value the benefits of Neighbourhood Watch.”

Sutton Neighbourhood Watch Association Membership Secretary Colin Pye said this was a fantastic result following a year that has seen membership grow across Sutton borough from 1,419 to 2,290.

Sutton Neighbourhood Watch now has 835 watches covering 55% of the borough, compared with 570 watches covering 37% of the borough at the beginning of 2012.

“This is enabling us to reach so many more people with advice and help in combating crime and anti-social behaviour,” said Colin.