Sheen Gate Gardens flat closed

22 December 2015

Pc Owen Redgrave with the Closure Order on the premises

On Thursday 17th of December 2015 officers from the East Sheen Safer Neighbourhoods team successfully obtained a three month closure order from Wimbledon Magistrates' Court for a flat in Sheen Gate Gardens, East Sheen, SW14 following concerns from neighbours around anti-social behaviour (ASB)

The local residents were intimidated by the occupiers and enlisted the help of their local SNT who gathered intelligence which was crucial to the closure order. The resident and his associates were involved in anti-social behaviour including alcohol-related disorder, urinating in public and excessive noise. This then escalated when the occupier assaulted another resident. The occupier also allowed his flat to be used by numerous vagrants who were also causing anti-social behaviour.

The house was closed under Section 80 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 - Part 4 Chapter 3.

Police Constable Owen Redgrave, from East Sheen SNT, said:

"The lifestyle of this resident and his associates who continually indulged in anti-social behaviour had a direct affect on neighbours living nearby. We held numerous meetings with numerous partners including Paragon Housing, Richmond Council and Social Services to resolve this issue and I would like to express my thanks to these and other agencies for their assistance with the closure of the premises.

"The decision to apply for a closure order is not an easy one to take as it resulted in the tenant losing his flat. However, the closure of this property sends a clear message to those who allow their premises to be associated with disorder and nuisance.

"The message is that their lifestyle will not be allowed to directly affect neighbours or harm communities and that if they continue, their premises may be subject to a Premises Closure Order application."

"I would like to thank all our residents for their co-operation and tolerance with this ongoing issue.