Southwark Specials Police West Ham Vs Millwall

07 February 2012

Southwark Specials policing West Ham

28 Special constables from Southwark joined their colleagues at Forest Gate to assist with the Policing of West ham V Millwall on Saturday 4 February 2012.

For some of the officers who are all level 3 trained this was the first time that they had policed a football match. Officers were deployed along Green Street towards the Upton Park Tube station and assisted with blocking the road to traffic as their level 2 colleagues chaperoned Millwall supporters from the station to the ground.

"I am very proud of the unit on their first occasion policing such a high profile football match."

Police Sergeant Pete Smith one of the Southwark MSC managers stated " I am very proud of the unit, this was the first time that Special constables from Southwark have been used to police a Cat C football match, and especially such a high profile game. It gave them a good insight to policing public order events in the run up to the Olympic games”