Suspected armed robber arrested by DPG officers

23 December 2012

New Scotland Yard

Officers from the Metropolitan Police Service's Diplomatic Protection Group (DPG) worked with borough Police Community Support Officers in Southwark to track and detain a man after an armed robbery at a bank in Borough.

Police were called to reports of a robbery at the HSBC bank on Borough High Street at 09:25hrs on Monday, 17 December.

A man went into the branch where he was greeted at the front door by a member of staff. He produced a small black handgun from his jacket and pointed it at members of staff who were greeting customers at the door.

The man then approached the cash windows and declared the customers inside the bank as his hostages. He passed the cashier a transparent orange cash bag to fill with money which he then asked to be put inside his rucksack.

As he walked away, he reached inside his pocket and pulled out a handful of paper stamped with a 'Mickey Mouse' logo which he threw into the air and shouted "Merry Christmas" before leaving.

PCSOs from the borough's Safer Transport Team were in the area and reported seeing a man fitting the description circulated on police channels. This helped to direct the search by the DPG officers on armed vehicle response patrol responding to the incident.

The DPG officers detained a man at 09:42hrs at a nearby café. Cash and a firearm were recovered. The 43-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of robbery and taken to Peckham Police Station. He has since been bailed to return pending further enquires.

The investigation is being led by the Flying Squad.