Tasers rollout in Greenwich

18 February 2013

Metropolitan Police Service

Police in Greenwich have trained officers to use tasers as part of a London-wide rollout.

From Monday the 18th of February 2013 Greenwich will have 40 officers trained to use tasers and, at any one time, a maximum of four of them will be on patrol in two cars.

“Tasers enable officers to restraint violent individuals safely and efficiently"

Tasers provide a way of incapacitating potentially dangerous offenders before they do harm; they have been used across London and in the Metropolitan Police since 2003.

Acting Borough Commander Chris Hafford said: “Tasers enable officers to restrain violent individuals safely and efficiently - this method is often less harmful than striking with an asp or using CS spray, which can potentially cause longer lasting effects or injury.

“If a taser is discharged across the borough, the circumstances will be carefully analysed”.

London boroughs will continue to be supported by a number of pan-London units that are already equipped with tasers.