Unlicensed rave stopped

07 December 2015

Rave, main, hall, Barnet, New, Southgate

Police in Barnet stopped an unlicensed rave from taking place in New Southgate.

On Saturday, 28 November, police in Barnet received information that an unlicensed rave was going to take place at a unit in Brunswick Industrial Park, New Southgate.

A public order and disruption plan was developed with relevant authorities under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act and officers were able to prevent the event from taking place.

A fire door had been damaged to gain entry and the fire alarm system and the electricity supply had been tampered with.

Professional speakers, event lighting, scaffolding and decorations had been put up inside the venue as well as a small shop to sell alcohol.

A 49-year-old man was arrested for criminal damage to the electricity system but was later released without charge.

Sergeant Jamie Kay said: "Quick intervention from our emergency response team, together with help from a dog unit and officers from the Territorial Support Unit, ensured this incident did not escalate.

"Using legislation to prevent disruption to neighbouring residential properties allowed us to shut down this unlicensed event."