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A man who duped people into investing thousands of pounds in a fraudulent company has been jailed.

Police in Southwark are rolling out an innovative forensic property marking system to reduce burglary across the borough.

Police officers, police staff and two members of the public have been honoured for their acts of bravery, professionalism and dedication.

Met Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan Howe and the Mayor of London Boris Johnson praised the important role of young police volunteers

A man has been jailed for a shooting in a Kennington barber's shop in 2005.

This week the Met is stepping up activity to tackle knife crime, to coincide with the introduction of new sentencing guidelines.

Officers from Southwark police attended the annual celebration of the Eid festival in Burgess Park

South Bermondsey Safer Neighbourhood Team executed a search warrant under the Dangerous Dogs Act

Seven members of an international drug smuggling ring have been jailed for a total of 81 years.

A man has been jailed after inflicting a seven year campaign of domestic abuse.