Latest news about scams and fraud to prevent you from becoming a victim of crime.

Farmers warned of targeted fraud attacks

Farmers are being warned to be extremely wary of any suspicious calls, texts or emails.

Talk Talk hacked by cybercriminals

What to do if you have been affected

Pension Fraud - With effect from April 6th this year, when you reach 55.

“070” Warning over premium rate phone numbers.

If anyone approaches you online or otherwise providing an “070” number for contact, be wary that this could be a scam and do not call the number.

Fake payments invoice

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau advises of a high number of reports about emails containing a piece of malware and purporting to be an invoice or containing details of transactions.

Courier Scams

Operation Sterling is reissuing its warning regarding 'Courier Scams' - a fraud that is mainly targeting the elderly and vulnerable in our communities.

Ofcom consumer guide on phone number scams.

Ofcom have published a consumer guide for consumers and businesses on phone number scams.

Graphene Investment Fraud

Cold calling selling fraudulent investments

Fraud Trends Overview

The latest fraud trends

Construction Fraud & Company Impersonation

Building and infrastructure projects are being targeted by fraudsters

Loan Fraud

Operation Sterling has become aware of a growing trend where people are being cold called on their home or mobile numbers by people offering quick, easy and unsecured loans.

Know Your Business Guide

Fraud affects 1 in 4 small businesses every year. Last year fraud losses to Small Medium Enterprises were estimated at £18.9 billion.

Restaurants targeted by card fraudsters

Card fraudsters are targeting restaurants in Central London

CIFAS Fraud Threat Alerts and Problem Profile Bulletins

CIFAS Fraud Threat Alerts and Problem Profile Bulletins.