Welcome to the Metropolitan Police Bereavement Information for Family and Friends

Please accept our condolences for your loss. We hope you find this information helpful.  If you prefer you can listen to this information by dialling on Freephone: 0800 032 9996.

For those of you who are not recently bereaved we hope you too will find the information contained in the site useful and informative.


The police officer who has visited you will have given you the name and telephone number of the Coroner’s office who will be making inquiries into your relative’s death.

Deaths overseas

The Foreign Office has a network of consular officers overseas with whom members of the Consular Directorate, based in London liaise.

Advice & Information

The following information has been selected from frequently asked questions to Police Family Liaison officers.

Support organisations

There are in existence numerous organisations, each dealing with a different specialist area - which may prove of help to you, depending on what help or information you require at a specific time.