Communities Together

The Metropolitan Police Service Communities Together Strategic Engagement Team (CTSET) is responsible for engagement and consultation with the Met's key strategic partners, stakeholders and networks, as well as London's diverse communities, within the context of counter terrorism and security.

The team was formed in the Summer of 2005 following the terrorist attacks of 7th July to help improve our understanding of London's communities; to advise and inform communities about safety and security issues; to help reassure communities who felt under threat, and to monitor any tensions within communities in London.

Due to its extensive knowledge of various cultures and communities in London, CTSET has been able to effectively engage with different groups and organisations, particularly in and around times of heightened tension.

The CTSET regularly publishes and provides information about security and safety issues, as well as major incidents and events to help keep the public and partners informed about what is happening and how the MPS is responding.

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