Community Safety Accreditation Scheme

What are Community Safety Accreditation Schemes?

Community Safety Accreditation Schemes have been made possible through the Police Reform Act 2002 and aim to raise awareness, improve standards and promote and develop co-operation between the police and their partners.

Accredited employees may be granted limited but targeted powers appropriate to their role and which meet local needs and priorities.

They will also benefit from additional protection under newly created legislation. Improved information sharing between the police and accredited organisations will help co-ordinate visible patrols and direct resources effectively to improve quality of life within the community.

Police and accreditors working together

A key part of the accreditation process is the development of Joint Operating and Information Sharing Protocols between the applicant organisation and the accrediting force.

Organisations and accreditation

Why should organisations seek accreditation for their employees?

Accreditation powers

What powers can an accredited person have?

Accredited persons and powers

Accredited persons can only exercise their powers in the area of the Force that has accredited them

CSAS standards and training

What training is required to be accredited?

How much will accreditation cost?

Costs incurred by the police in the accreditation process can be passed on to the organisation concerned

The role of the police community support officer and accredited persons

Unlike accredited persons, police community support officers (PCSOs) are employed by the Police Authority

CSAS uniform and badge

What uniform do accredited persons wear?