Designated Detention Officers

The custody suite is at the heart of the police station. Working there as a Designated Detention Officer, you’ll need to be alert at all times, thinking on your feet and making quick decisions. It can definitely be challenging. But it can be incredibly rewarding and varied too, with great support from everyone else on the team.

Make a real difference

Designated Detention Officers are playing an increasingly important part in the way custody suites are run. There’s real scope to make a positive difference. You’ll not only help in the smooth running of the station, but also provide a lifeline to detainees who are facing one of the most difficult times of their lives.

What does the job involve?

Detainees will be your responsibility from the moment they're brought to the station. You'll book them in, take their fingerprints and photographs, record their possessions and make sure they're secure in a cell. During their time in custody, you'll take them food, make regular cell checks and, if possible, help them to rehabilitate. There will also be phone calls to answer, solicitors to deal with and a whole host of other things to see to.

Have I got what it takes?

Life skills are more important than specific qualifications. If we think you have what it takes, we'll give you six weeks' training to help you begin a very worthwhile career. You'll need to able to stand up for yourself and deal with confrontational situations. A thick skin will come in very handy too.

But you’ll never be alone – there will always be regular police officers and other support staff on hand to help you in a tricky situation. And when the going gets particularly tough, you'll appreciate the camaraderie that makes working for the Met so unique.

Pay and benefits

For full details please view the pay & benefits page in the police staff section.

Applications are particularly sought from candidates able to travel to and work within the North West, North and North East areas of London. There are limited vacancies elsewhere in London (Central, South East, South and South West areas).

How to apply

We are not currently recruiting for DDOs. Please check this page for updates on future campaigns.