Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection

The Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command (PaDP) was formed in April 2015, with the merger of the Diplomatic Protection Group (SO6) and the Palaces of Westminster (SO17)

PaDP is responsible for the following:

  • Protection of embassies, missions and the parliamentary estate
  • Residential protection for high profile ministers, visiting heads of state, heads of government and foreign ministers.
  • Counter reconnaissance at events identified as high risk, diplomatic functions or key sites.
  • Searching and access control of visitors and vehicles to New Scotland Yard and Downing Street

Who we are

The PaDP primary responsibility is the safety and security of London's diplomatic/governmental communities and parliamentary estate. The unit provides protection for foreign missions in London, such as embassies, high commissions, consular sections and official residencies in accordance with Article 22 of the Vienna Convention 1961. PaDP also provide the protection and keep order on the Parliamentary Estate to ensure both the House of Commons and House of Lords can conduct their business without disruption.

What we do

PaDP protect the diplomatic community in London, providing residential protection for Her Majesty's Government, former prime ministers, government ministers, visiting foreign government ministers and heads of state and anyone else deemed to be high risk. They also provide protection at high profile buildings such as New Scotland Yard and where necessary PaDP will provide armed protection at hospitals for patients at threat as well as hospital staff

PaDP also provide the physical security of the Palace of Westminster working closely with the House Authorities Sergeant at Arms (House of Commons) and Black Rod (House of Lords) to provide around the clock security every day of the year. Officers patrol the building and its grounds and control access of people and vehicles onto the Estate. There is a dedicated search wing, trained to conduct counter-terrorism searches.

PaDP has its own Investigation and Intelligence unit, which investigates the majority of reported crime requiring liaison with The Houses of Parliament  PaDP works closely with the Parliamentary Security Director, who is employed by the Houses of Parliament and who is ultimately responsible for making recommendations to the Joint Committee on Security. This body is made up of prominent Members of both Houses.


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