Resources Directorate

The Resources Directorate provides professional services to support the diverse and complex requirements associated with meeting the demands of modern policing. The Directorate works in partnership across the MPS to ensure the effective planning and delivery of services within a clear governance framework. The Director of Resources, as Chief Financial Officer, is the principal financial adviser to the Commissioner.

The Directorate is responsible for:

  • Effective financial planning and stewardship of the £3.6bn revenue budget.
  • Procurement and contracting for the MPS and MOPAC.
  • Management of the MOPAC estate, comprising of 494 operational buildings, 569 residential properties and 331 rooms in two section houses.
  • Providing essential services to support operational policing, including catering, transport, language services and uniforms, to ensure that the organisation has the goods, services, resources and information it needs.

Our service provision will provide the right products and services that the organisation needs, at the right time and for the right price, never losing sight of the need to work closely with our internal and external partners in servicing London and delivering effective policing to all the capital’s communities.

Resources Directorate Senior Management Team 

Responsible for nearly 2,000 Resources Directorate staff, this section contains information about the Resources Board.

Resources Directorate Departments

This section gives a brief overview of the five departments that make up the Resources Directorate.

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