Driving Courses

The Metropolitan Police Driving School delivers the highest standard of driver training:

  • MPS Police Officers
  • MPS Police Staff
  • MPS Special Constables
  • BTP Police Officers
  • Constabulary Police Officers
  • HM Armed Forces
  • Royalty
  • Protection Services
  • Private organisations

The Driving School, based at Hendon, delivers training at key sites in and around London. Bespoke training can be delivered at any location within the UK or abroad. Our aim is to produce a training package that reflects the high standards that we set for our students and meets the needs of our clients.

Each course is designed to equip the students with the knowledge and skills required for effective operational deployment and meet the demands of modern policing in one of the busiest cities in the world. All of our students are trained within the London area, in live road conditions, in order to give them the most appropriate driver training available. Safety is the underlying principle to all our training. We deliver over 20 driver training courses. These include:

  • Advance Car
  • Response Car
  • Off Road - Motorcycle and Car
  • Advance Motorcycle
  • Response Motorcycle
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle
  • Anti Hijack Protection Driving
  • Tactical Pursuit and Containment (TPAC)