SC&O19 Firearms Licensing

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The Firearms Enquiry Team [FET] is responsible for the issuing of all firearms and shotguns certificates.  In this section you will find information, contacts and guidance to take you through the application process. Please remember that a minimum of eight weeks is required to process your application. Please ensure you check the fees for firearms certificates as these have recently changed.

Shot Gun Applications

Please use this checklist to ensure you have included everything we need to process your application efficiently.

Firearms Applications

Important; if we do not receive your correctly completed renewal application forms at least eight weeks prior to your expiry date, we cannot guarantee that your certificate will be renewed prior to expiry.

Explosives Applications

The Control of Explosives Regulations 1991 (COER) require a person who acquires or keeps explosives to hold an explosives certificate issued by the Police.

Air weapons

Usually air weapons do not require any type of certification, however in certain circumstances they do. This section outlines requirements.


Overseas Visitor

Travelling with Firearms

Age restrictions


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Most of the Firearms forms are located in the respective areas of the site however there are a few additional forms located within this section.