Independent Advisory Groups

The role of independent advisors is best described as a “critical friend in time of need” – a group of non police people who can:

  • Provide advice and guidance to the police to help prevent critical incidents escalating (these may be external or internal incidents).
  • Provide a sounding board for the police to understand the potential impact on communities of police practices and operations.

Four corporate IAGs - Race, Disability, LGBT and Trident (gangs, guns, knife crime) provide the Metropolitan Police Service with strategic advice on specific communities. Every borough has an IAG made up of citizens from the local communities, advising on local issues.

The Disability Independent Advisory Group (DIAG) plays a key role in deciding how the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) responds to policing situations across London. As one of the Group’s Advisors, you will be involved in key decisions which make a difference to London’s diverse communities.

The MPS is committed to building links with people from all communities, with the overall aim of making the capital a safe place to live, work and visit. Advisors are there to help by providing a sounding board that enables the police to understand the potential impact of operations on communities. They also provide independent, strategic and specialist advice that helps prevent critical incidents from escalating. Most recently DIAG members have assisted the MPS with issues around policing demonstrations with wheel chair users and other disabled people. They have also provided expert advice around dealing with disabled people in custody.