• Black History Month

Celebrating 20 years

Home to over eight million people, London presents a unique and ever-evolving policing challenge for the Met and the Metropolitan Black Police Association (MetBPA) has made its own contribution to that. Aiming to improve the working environment of black and minority officers and staff, and to enhance the quality of service to the capital’s black communities.

This aim will be achieved by:

  • Providing a support network for black staff.
  • Working towards improved relations between the police and the black community.
  • Working with London's black youth to create young leaders and role models.
  • Assisting recruitment and reducing staff wastage.
  • Proactively assist in the development and enhancement of MPS policy and strategy.
  • Providing a social network.
  • Working more closely with other staff associations and unions.

This year the MetBPA celebrates its 20th anniversary. Originally created as a support network for a small number of black staff, the MetBPA has grown to become the biggest Staff-support Association representing minority officers in the service. To find out more please visit the MetBPA website via the related links section.

Diversity is critical to policing London effectively. So developing a talented, diverse workforce and a culture of respect is the basis of how we operate.

The next 20 years could see even bigger achievements. To be part of it and to find out about becoming a new police constable or volunteering as a special constable please visit the pages on this site for full details of the requirements and application processes.

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