Custody Nurses - Experienced first level Registered Adult or Mental Health Nurses required.

  • This is where your detective skills really count.
  • A welcome payment of only £2500 is only the beginning

Experienced first level Registered Adult or Mental Health Nurses required.

Custody Nurse Practitioner

Being a custody nurse practitioner is your chance to help make London safer for everyone, using your nursing skills as part of the wider criminal justice system.

A refreshingly different challenge

It’s unlike any other role you may have encountered in your nursing career. You’ll be looking after the health, safety and welfare of detained persons held in police custody, many of whom will have drug and alcohol problems. So as you assess whether they’re fit to be detained, interviewed, transferred or released, you’ll need to balance sound medical judgement and experience with well-developed life skills and a touch of street savvy.

Other responsibilities will include gaining consent for healthcare interventions, conducting forensic examinations, looking after minor injuries and administering medications. You may also be required to obtain forensic samples and verify life extinct in both suspicious and non-suspicious circumstances.

But whatever you find yourself doing on any given day, you’ll know you always have plenty of back up on hand in a brilliantly supportive team environment.

What experience do I need?

The equivalent of a Band 6 in the NHS, you’ll have good interpersonal skills and an impressive track record that may have been gained in A&E, community practice nursing or the prison service. You MUST be a first level registered adult or mental health nurse with a minimum of four years experience  holding current registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council

In return, you can look forward to a role that’s different every day, offers great opportunities to broaden your experience and makes a real difference to one of the world’s great cities.

Pay and benefits

Starting salary will be between £37,795 and £45,204 depending on location and experience plus joining benefits. This includes a 20% shift disturbance allowance and a location allowance of either £3,406 or £1,807 depending on where you work.

During your induction training you will receive 10% shift disturbance allowance.

New incentives

In addition to your salary, location allowance and shift disturbance allowance, under the current Custody Nurse Practitioner (CNP) recruitment campaign, appointed candidates are eligible for the following enhancements:-

  • A 'Golden Hello' one off payment of £2,500 (after tax) will be paid after the satisfactory completion of a 3 month probationary period
  • A second payment of £2,500 (after tax) will be paid after the satisfactory completion of your 12 month probationary period
  • A Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Allowance of £1,000 will be paid each year under current arrangements - The CPD allowance will be paid at the discretion of the Director of Nursing and it will be based on the adequate maintenance of your Professional Log.  Further information regarding this will be provided should any application be successful.  Please be aware that the MPS reserves the right to withdraw the CPD allowance for existing and new entrants in line with organisational need
  • The MPS is prepared to offer selected candidates a 'basic salary match'.  To determine whether you qualify for this, you will need to provide us with the following documentation:-

- Confirmation of your existing salary - Copies of your last 3 months pay slips

- Confirmation of your existing annual leave (A/L) entitlement - Preferably a letter from your previous line manager or HR department confirming your A/L allowance

A 'basic salary match' is subject to verification of your existing salary and annual leave entitlement by the Director of Nursing.  Your skills and experience will also be considered by the Director of Nursing when setting your entry basic salary.  You will be invited to submit any supporting evidence on receipt of an offer of employment from the MPS.

How to apply

To apply and find out about additional benefits please download the role specific information pack and application form - see related publications section.

The application form is evidence based and will require you to provide specific examples to the competency area in the question.

The MPS’s recruitment practices reflect our commitment to safeguarding the welfare of children and vulnerable adults. The MPS is an equal opportunities employer.

We view diversity as fundamental to our success. To tackle today’s complex policing challenges, we need a workforce made up from all of London’s communities. Applications from across the community are therefore essential.