Professional standards

We strive to put things right where they have gone wrong, and to restore confidence where it has been damaged. This can range from identifying and dealing with corrupt officers, to explaining to a complainant why an officer's actions were correct, to providing high quality support to ensure investigations, hearings or civil actions run smoothly and professionally.

Who we are

Our key aims are to uphold and improve professional standards across the MPS investigating public complaints, serious misconduct, managing risk, rebuilding public confidence and organisational learning.

Standards of professional behaviour

All employees of the Metropolitan Police Service must comply to the following standards of professional behavior.


We expect a high level of conduct and behaviour from their officers and staff and any breaches of these standards will be dealt with.

Gross Misconduct

Misconduct is a breach of the standards of professional standards within the conduct regulations.

Misconduct Hearing

Matters assessed as meeting the threshold for gross misconduct are taken to a misconduct hearing.

Public complaints

A public complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with what has happened or how someone has been treated.

Our teams

Our teams are highly skilled to deal with misconduct, corruption and offer support to the organisation. Find out more about our teams and their responsibilities.

Independent Complaints Commission (IPCC)

The IPCC was established by the Police Reform Act and became operational in April 2004. It is independent, making its decisions entirely independently of the police, government and complainants.