Protection Command

This command is divided into the following specialist operational areas.

SO1 Specialist Protection

Specialist Protection is responsible for:

  • The personal protection of the Prime Minister, certain government ministers, certain ambassadors and high profile persons considered to be under threat from terrorist attack in the UK and overseas.
  • The personal protection of foreign dignitaries visiting the UK under the Vienna Convention.
  • Personal protection of others where it is in the national interest or where intelligence (information) suggests protection is necessary.
  • Providing security advice for key public figures.
  • Performing personal safety reviews for MPS staff deployed overseas in high-risk locations.
  • Addressing the security needs of official teams and delegations in the UK and overseas.
  • Planning and co-ordinating protection operations and major events in the UK and overseas.
  • Delivering nationally accredited personal protection training in the UK.

SO14 Royalty Protection

Royalty Protection is responsible for:

  • Personal protection for the Royal Family, both nationally and internationally
  • Protecting Royal residences in London, Windsor and Scotland
  • Protecting members of the public who visit Royal residences
  • Personal protection for members of certain Royal families visiting the UK
  • Special Escort Group mobile protection for protected persons, high risk prisoners and high value property
  • Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) is responsible for assessment and intervention in relation to people fixated on protected persons and sites

SO6 Diplomatic Protection Group

The Diplomatic Protection Group provides protection for foreign missions in London.

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