Scams, cons, tricks and fraud

The section provides information on various types of scams - if in doubt always double check. If it is too good to be true then it normally is a scam.

Mass market fraud

Commonly known as ‘scams’, these frauds target the unwary and arrive in the form of unsolicited e-mail, letters or telephone calls.

Internet, advertising, auction, ticketing and online fraud

How to safely use auction sites and online ticketing services.

Vehicle buying and selling advice

How to buy or sell a vehicle safely.

Unwanted and unsolicited mail, marketing and telephone calls

Marketing phone calls, unsolicited letters and email are legitimate marketing practices for many companies.

Working from home and business opportunity fraud - Money Mules

Our advice for home working and avoiding business opportunity fraud.

Vishing and SMiShing

Our advice on this type of fraud that uses telephones and mobile phones

Money lending

If you are being lent money by a business you can check whether or not the firm lending you money is a legitimate business.