Specialist, Organised & Economic Crime

The command has the lead for investigating all economic crime; including ecrime, corruption, human trafficking and prostitution. We also provide a national response to extradition cases, mutual legal assistance and art & antiques crime. The command also deals with asset recovery through the London Regional Asset Recovery Team and the Criminal Finance Team. We are also responsible for investigating all serious organised crime, such as kidnap, robbery and middle market drugs supply.

What we do

The Art and Antiques Unit gathers intelligence on art crime and conducts proactive operations using specialist knowledge for investigations ranging from art faking and forgery to theft and money laundering.

The Branch Intelligence Unit provides fast time 24/7 intelligence support to SOECC, especially kidnaps, and to deliver tactical intelligence analysis.

The Criminal Finance Team (CFT) exists to improve the MPS response to the Proceeds of Crime Act. It assists Borough Operational command units in improving their asset recovery activity taking the cash out of crime.

The Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit is a joint MPS and City of London Police unit, which works with, and is sponsored by, the banking industry to manage serious cheque and credit card fraud.

The Extradition and International Assistance Units have national responsibility for locating and arresting fugitives wanted worldwide. They also conduct enquiries on behalf of and at the request of other countries.

Financial Investigation Development Unit provides a corporate response to intelligence from over 50,000 Suspicious Activity Reports received by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) from within the financial community.

The Flying Squad reactively and proactively investigate every allegation of robbery, whether armed or not, to the prejudice of cash in transit companies, building societies, betting offices, post offices, jewellers, casinos and banks. They also investigate all robberies at commercial premises where a firearm is produced or intimated and all Tiger Kidnaps.

The Fraud Squads are responsible for combating serious and complex fraud and corruption within the public and private sectors. The teams work together with public sector partners including local councils, TfL and Immigration Services to protect London from financial crime.

Project Genesius is a partnership between the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and the Printing Industry, designed to reduce the access of criminals to the equipment and supplies they require to produce false identity documents. For more information please visit the dedicated Project Genesius website - see related links

The Kidnap Unit provides fast time responses to life threatening crime in action, for example kidnap for ransom where the hostage has not been recovered, extortion, blackmail and any other serious crime impacting on the Metropolis tasked by the Service Tasking & Co-ordinating Group.

The London Regional Asset Recovery Team (London RART) is a multi-agency unit, funded by seized assets, comprising staff from the MPS, Asset Recovery Agency, London City Police and Customs and Revenue, set up to deal with the seizure of criminal assets on a national basis under the POCA 2002.

Operation Maxim is a Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) joint partnership with the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) which targets organised immigration crime networks pan London involved in the facilitation of legal and illegal immigrants into the UK and production and supply of forged identity documents.

Middle Market Drugs Partnership is a joint partnership between SOEC Command and SOCA. They deal with class A drug supply in London within minimum levels of 1/2kg of heroin or 1kg of cocaine operation will exceed 8 weeks.

Operation Nexus was set up to tackle Foreign National Offenders. Not just the most harmful, but any nationality who are committing crime in UK (including EU nationals, except British nationals).

The Police Central e-crime Unit (PCeU) is a highly skilled team dealing with computer and cyber crime committed under the Computer Misuse Act 1990, primarily the offences of hacking, denial of service and maliciously creating viruses.

The Proactive Money Laundering Investigation Team conducts intelligence led investigations to proactively disrupt organised criminal networks and seize their financial assets under POCA 2002 and other money laundering legislation. The team encompasses specialist teams including a team of officers working on fraud cases with an international perspective.

The Projects Team conducts operations against organised crime, which is pan London or of a national or international level impacting on the Metropolis at National Intelligence Model (NIM) levels 2-3. This includes proactive contracts to kill, major drugs suppliers, multi-dimensional crime groups, including ethnically composed gangs, and serious large scale firearms trafficking.

Operation Sterling is the MPS strategy for combating economic crime in London, has made significant inroads into preventing economic crime, which costs the UK economy billions of pounds a year. It has done this through establishing partnership developments with public and private industry such as Companies House, eBay and Western Union. It also remains at the forefront in the fight against the growing threat of identity theft.

The Stolen Vehicle Unit (SVU) has responsibility for investigating and disrupting serious and organised vehicle crime. It also encompasses the Vehicle Fraud Unit, which investigates finance fraud used to purchase vehicles from car dealership. It is entirely funded by Finance & Leasing Association, representing a number of major finance companies. Since October 2008 the National Plant Intelligence Unit is a new team with national responsibility for plant theft that is based within the SVU.

The Trafficking and Prostitution Unit is the MPS lead for all human trafficking and prostitution issues. The unit is based at ESB and can provide expert advice on strategic and tactical options when dealing with all trafficking and prostitution matters across the MPS.

The Special Intelligence Section (SIS) is tasked with dealing with serious organised crime at National Intelligence Model (NIM) levels 2 and 3, targeting those persons directly impacting upon the safety and well being of Londoners through the use of highly specialised and dedicated pro-active teams. The SIS will continue to fully support the MPS Mission of making London the safest city in the world by actively seeking to use high quality intelligence to both prevent harm and enforce legislation against organised criminal networks that adversely impact upon the diverse communities in London, in accordance with MPS Priorities.