Introduction to the Specialist Firearms Command

SCO19 is the branch name given to the Specialist Firearm Command branch of the Metropolitan Police Service that provides firearms-related support to our unarmed colleagues. The branch is comprised of a small number of officers who are highly trained and motivated in dealing with all aspects of the criminal use of firearms. Operationally, our branch is here to provide armed support to allow the vast majority of policing activities throughout London to be conducted in the traditional manner by unarmed officers.

Formerly known as SO19, and more recently CO19, the branch has now become SCO19 due to the merger of Central Operations (CO) and Specialist Crime Directorate (SCD) to form Specialist Crime & Operations but our role within the Service is unchanged. The officer in command of SCO19 is Chief Superintendent Alistair Sutherland.

For example the crews for Armed Response Vehicles, teams of Specialist Firearms Officers who deal with pre-planned firearms operations and the Rifle Section, which provides a counter-sniper capability.

The unit provides courses and refresher training for all firearms officers and more than 2,000 officers attend training courses every eight weeks.

Undertakes research and projects on behalf of the Assistant Commissioner Specialist Operations and the Met's Firearms Policy Forum.

Firearms enquiries teams, which handle firearms and shotgun licensing, are now part of SCO19.

Firearms Command History

Armed Response Units & Specialist Firearms Officers

SC&O19 Firearms Training